Backwater Tourism   By Govind Kumar


The Third National Waterway, known as as the NW3, the West Coast Canal, is in Kerala.  It is a 205 km long canal and stretches from Kollam in the South to Kottappuram in the North. It is lined with breath taking beauty, replete with Chinese nets, lush paddy fields, water lilies, coir and fishing villages, rustic homes, coconut groves and Ayurvedic treatment centers.  The NW III forms part of the intricate network of 44 rivers and their tributaries. 


Kerala is defined as one of the top ten paradises on earth. A Green Paradise. Cosmopolitan Travel and Leisure has referred to Kerala as "one of the ten love nests in India"  and a " paradise to have the best breakfast in the world ".

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Realising this opportunity for tourism and transportation, the  Inland Water Policy was implemented. The NW3 was developed into a navigable channel with terminal facilities in eleven locations. Innumerable lagoons, canals, lakes, estuaries and even deltas of 44 rivers make up the NW3. NW III runs parallel to the National Highways enabling yachters an opportunity to visit inland villages, cities and towns while their yachts are anchored at the terminals. They can also see Kerala's traditional yachts and houseboats.



The West Coast Canal covers five Kerala districts - Trichur, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Alleppey and Kollam. 

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