•   Beach Tourism - The 27 Beaches of Kerala Beautiful By Govind Kumar


    The beaches of the Western world are no doubt great, but the traveler and tourists can have different experiences with the beaches of the East. The beach resorts of Asia are a good competition to the best beach destinations of the world. The great mystic civilization of the East, its emphasis on Mysticism and inner control, exotic natural landscapes, the mentality of the locals  totally different from their Western counterparts,  are great attractions to the global tourists. The 27 beaches beautiful of Kerala will give impetus to the travel and tourism industry in Kerala, which already is on a growth curve ! 

    The USPs of Asian vacation are its great backwaters, its unique beaches with clear waters, coral reefs and mammoth waves for surfing. The global traveler who chooses to go East  will have to choose from the countries of a massive continent with a wide choice of tropical places with unique sandy beaches. From Israel to Sri Lanka, from Egypt to Indonesia, Thailand, India and the Philippines, a great variety of beaches awaits the traveler and where else can you see unique beaches and estuaries, where rivers confluence with sea, if not in green and beauteous Kerala !

    One of the best choices for Beach Tourism is this demi-Eden, this semi Paradise,, this Earth of Majesty  called Kerala ! Here we give a list of the 27 beaches that adorn God's own Country, so called by Walter Mendis, because of its lush green landscape.



    Though Kerala is famous for its backwaters, this land house some of the India's finest beaches.  Kerala's 600 km coastline is embellished with sandy beaches, coconut palms and  rocky capes. The blue waves washing the sandy beaches are a good sight to behold and this is relished by the SSS  (Sun, Surf, Sand) traveler ! 


    Normally travelers and tourists visit Kerala because of Medical Tourism, Ayurvedic Tourism, Monsoon Tourism etc. The beaches of Kerala are not so famous, as the other attractions of Kerala. Now Kerala has got a lot of literate guides, who have passed Travel and Tourism courses, who can guide the traveler. The infrastructure is being improved for the tourist and traveler. Eco Tourism is on the rise as we are seeing an influx of eco tourists into the highly literate state, thus boosting the travel and tourism industry ! 

    The beaches - alluring, clean with a blue background, are a great escapism from the routine drudgeries of life. You can watch the sun disappear into the horizon, the pageantry of the wandering clouds and changing hues of the sky. It is Nature in its pristine beauty.  You can chase the crabs, race the waves, do sun bathing and watch another day at the beach unfold leisurely. Beaches are the vacationer's Paradise.

    These vacations can become unforgettable holidays because of the friendly people and the delectable seafood cuisine you normally get at beach resorts ! Kerala has been identified as one of the Ten Top Paradises by National Geographic. 




    1) Nattika Beach, Trichur

    This beach is situated 30 kms off Trichur and is an ideal place to spend a leisurely day. A perfect picnic spot, because of the the rhythmic waves and the stretch of sand golden. You will be bewitched by the swaying palm trees, which seem to hum the Music of Nature ! Amidst the rural setting, you will find resorts which give you the best seafood cuisine along with vegetarian. This beach is called Snehatheeram or the Beach of Love !


    2) Vadanappally Beach, Trichur

    Located just 20 km off Trichur, Vadanappally Beach is a great sight to behold. For those who are looking for a picnic and fun at the beach, this calm beach fringed with coconut palms is ideal. You will find Nature at her loveliest best, as palm trees and green ambience soothe your nerves. 

    3) Chavakkad Beach

    Just 5 kms off Guruvayur ( just half an hour journey from Trichur ), this 15 km long beach is breathtaking in its beauty. If you travel to Chavakkad Azhimukham, the Chavakkad Estuary, where the sea confuences with a river, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the beauty.  ! Fringed with coconut palms and green ambience, this Estuary is one of the best places to go, as you can enjoy Nature in her pristine beauty. ' Nature never did betray the heart that loved her" said Wordsworth !

    4) Alleppey Beach, Alappuzha

    Alleppey Beach is one of the most popular beach locations in Kerala. A perfect picnic spot for the family. The pier which extends into the sea is just 140 years old. There are entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park, which add to the attraction of this beauteous beach.


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    5) Marari Beach, Alleppey

    Just an hour from Cochin lies this beauteous beach, right in the heart of the Spice Coast. This beach is a tantalising stretch of sandy beach fringed with palms, and a Heaven for those who want to get away from the Madding Crowd, from the hustle and bustle of city life.




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    6) Fort Kochi Beach, Ernakulam

    Adorned with Chinese fishing nets, this beach is a must see for those who hunger for Nature in her primordial beauty. Great sunsets can be viewed on this beach. On New Years Eve, people flock to his beach. You get a lot of seafood cuisine also. Also drinks. You can see the fishing folk come out with great catches. You can view how the Chinese fishing nets operate. 






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    7) Cherai Beach, Vypeen Islands

    Ideal for swimming, this superb beach is just 45 kms off from Cochin City. You can watch dolphins which are occasionally seen here. You can see a typical Kerala village, adorned with coconut trees and paddy fields !






    8) Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

    This beach is near St Angelo's Fort and this beach is turning out to be a major tourist attraction. The famous sculptor, Kunji Raman, has made several statues and scuptures on the beach as well as the park adjacent to the beach.

    9) Mazhuppilangadi Beach, Kannur

    This is a 4.5 km long beach and the uniqueness of this beach is that vehicles can be driven through this beach without getting stuck in the sand. This is also known as the Mazhuppilangadi Drive-In Beach for this reason. As the beach does not have violent waves and is shallow, this beach is fancied by swimmers !


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