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    Cultural  Tourism   - Heavens on Earth - Part I

     Puttaparthi, the Abode of Universal Love  

    India is the land of many Masters, who follow the Path Celestial and bring their students also onto that Path. India is the land where the call of the Infinite is listened to with keenness, where men saturated with the Beyond, aware of the great Cosmic Game, sink deep into the Superconscious Mind  to discover the ultimate formula of Self-Transmutation ! A land whose philosophy proclaims that all this is a projection of the Universal Mind & that the Absolute Self is the Sole Reality, that all this is Brahman seen through the veil of Maya ! Go and contact the Great Ones, says the mystic Upanishads,  and know the  Truth Universal ! For as difficult as the Razor's Edge is , so tedious & cumbersome is the path to Self_Actualisation !

    I walk on the Razor's edge alone

    The path is narrow, the Way Unknown !

    Even though India has many Masters, bona fide Spiritual Gurus are rare. Here is one Illumined Master, Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, whom millions believe to be an incarnation of  Love Immortal ! 

    kerala tourism, kerala heritages, kerala travel,puttaparthikerala tourism, kerala heritages, kerala travel,puttaparthi

    Fulfilling the great Aurobindo's prediction that the Overmind will descend onto Earth on November 23, this manifestation of Universal Love was born on 23 Nov 1926.


    Resplendent with the Sixteeen Divine Graces

    And resembling the orb of the Autumn Moon

    The Sovereign of this Universe

    Was born as Easwaramba's beloved Son

    To the delight of the three worlds ! 


    His principles are simple - Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never &  Hate None ! 

    The Five Principles of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Universal Love & Non Violence are highlighted, paving the way for the Life Divine ! Over a million followers gather here on the occasion of this Prophet of Love's Birthday. The Ashram is characterised by immense Peace and the growth of such a spiritual Community in this once forgotten backward area is not a small miracle ! 

    Here are some of His quotations, worth reading !I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster.

    I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith - so that the Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim, a better Muslim, and the Hindu, a better Hindu.

    There is only one religion, the religion of Love;
    There is only one language, the language of the Heart;
    There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity;
    There is only one law, the law of Karma;
    There is only one God, He is Omnipresent.

    Start the Day with Love;
    Spend the Day with Love;
    Fill the Day with Love;
    End the Day with Love;
    This is the way to God.

    Love in thought is Truth;
    Love in action is Right Conduct;
    Love in understanding is Peace;
    Love in feeling is Non-Violence.

    Bear all and do nothing;
    Hear all and say nothing;
    Give all and take nothing;
    Serve all and be nothing.

    If there is righteousness in the heart,
    There will be beauty in the character.
    If there is beauty in the character,
    There will be harmony in the home.
    When there is harmony in the home,
    There will be order in the nation.
    When there is order in the nation,
    There will be peace in the world.

    Children of Immortality! Remember that You are created in My Image and Likeness. Perfect. Live up to this Image in all planes. Live like Masters! Walk this Earth with Your Heads held high, Your Spirits soaring, Your Hearts open to Love, and believe in Yourself and GOD with You. Then all will go well. See Me everywhere, talk to Me and Love Me who is in Each. Then from Each I will respond and bring You into Glory.

                                                        Prashanti Nilayam - The Abode of Peace, where He resides !


    kerala tourism, kerala heritages, kerala travel,puttaparthi

    SSome books by his admirers 

    Some of His books in English 


    Sai Renaissance - A good place to stay in Puttaparthi 

    Puttaparthi - The Heavenly City  

    Location : 18 miles From Penukonda, Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh.
    Nearby Tourist Attractions : Lepakshi, Gooty Fort, Rayadurg Fort, Hemavathi, Penukonda Fort. .
    Best Time To Visit :

    How to reach: The nearest airports are in Bangalore (250 km) and Tirupati (300km). The nearest rail head is at Dharmavaram. There is regular bus service from all major towns.

    All Round The Year

    kerala tourism, kerala heritages, kerala travel,puttaparthi


    Objectives & History of the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi

    Modern medical institutions rose and the soaring costs of these institution made them inaccessible to the vast populace of India & this unfortunate situation prompted Sai to establish the Super Speciality Hospital near Puttaparthi, with the sole purpose of making available advanced techniques of diagnosis and medical care, totally free of charge, to all needy people, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, status or nationality.

    "Medicine is a noble science and should not be sold as a commodity in the market. The duty of the Doctor is to serve humanity and the cost must be absorbed by society itself, as every citizen needs medical relief " said Sai. 

    Modern Medicine stops at the gross Physical level and never goes to Subtle levels of Self. The hospital with its beautiful architecture and serene rural setting, serves not only as a temple of healing for the body but also for the mind and the spirit.

    The hospital was setup on 150 acres of lend near Sri Sathya Sai Airport, about five km. away from Prashanti Nilayam. While laying the foundation stone on 22nd November 1990. Bhagavan Baba declared that the hospital would be inaugurated on November 22, 1991. The construction was completed in a record time of six months and the hospital was operational on the target date.

    The departments of cardiology and cardio thoracic surgery, along with all the ancillary and support services, were inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India. Shri P. V. Narasimha Rao. The second phase was inaugurated a year later by the then President of India. Dr. Shenker Dayal Sharma, when the uro nephrology department started functioning. Subsequently, the hospital has also added the department of ophthalmology.

    Teaching and Research activities:

    The National Board of Examinations of India. a Central Government organisation, has approved the SSSIHMS, for Post Graduate DNB training in the specialties of cardiology, cardio thoracic surgery, urology, nephrology, ophthalmology and anaesthesiology.

    • Sai Gita-The Elephant

    • Sai Gita is Bhagavan's temple elephant. It is considered auspicious in India in temples to have a real elephant residing in the temple as a symbol for Ganesh-the remover of obstacles. Elephants also represent intelligence and intellect, as they are highly intelligent animals.

      Sai Gita was born in 1965 and was given to Bhagavan as a gift from the Zoo in Madras, when she was merely a small baby. It is not known whether she was an orphaned wild elephant, or breed in the zoo. In any case, she was quite spoilt by Swami as a young one and he even had a small compound built for her next to the Mandir, which she used to stay in when she was not trailing after Bhagavan in and out of the Mandir.

      Elephants usually live until they are about 70 years old. To ease the pain of separation, Sai Gita has a photo with her and Bhagavan hanging on the wall in her private compound next to the Planetarium.
    • Sathya Sai Nagar

    • This is a colony of 58 houses where the Harijans (outcasts) of the village have been provided shelter by Bhagavan after being displaced as a result of an unexpected flooding of the Chitravati River in 1975.

      The houses (or huts) are located by the Gokulam, where all the cows are who provide milk for the schools and the ashram.
    • Gokulam

    • The ashram dairy is about half a kilometer from the Ashram, along the Main Road in Vidya Giri. All milk for the schools, the hospital canteen, and the ashram comes from the Gokulam. It is known amongst villagers that the Gokulam cows has the best milk; fresh and undiluted. The locals are quite proud if they have access to the 'Gokulam milk'! To avoid the spreading of infections of the animals, you are requested not to go around or enter the cowsheds. By the Gokulam is a most beautiful image of Sri Krishna at the entrance. The artitistic 'fill-ins' with paint and brush on Sri Krishna's face has been done by Bhagavan Himself years ago.
    • Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium
    • Located behind the Higher Secondary School, opposite the hill, towering with statues of Hanuman, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Zoroaster, and Christ, it gives an imposing view.