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  Cultural Tourism - Heavens on Earth - Mookambika Temple, Kollur    By Govind Kumar


If the Lord is omnipresent, why should one visit temples? Tantra talks about centrallisation of the Almighty Self !  Our ancient forefathers, the Rishies, had unlimited spiritual knowledge and they knew that there are places where there is an excessive concentration of Cosmic Energy ! They constructed Temples there, so that we mortals can have a glimpse of Spiritual Grace ! The word temple is derived from the Latin Tempulum, where Law and Justice can be administered !

Positive Energy emanates from persons and places of worship and this can be felt by devotees. Even though Temples and Synagogues represent Exoteric Religion, esoteric and mystic meanings  are contained in the Symbolism of such places of worship !

I was struck by the spiritual halo which surrounds the Temple, during my visit there. The Temple is well maintained. It is said that Sankara was told by the Divine Mother not to look back, when He had a vision of Her. At the sound of her anklets, he looked back. Then the Mother Divine told him to install her idol at Mookambika !


Legend has that there was a demon called Muka who was terrorising the villagers. They prayed to the Divine Mother to help them. The demon's actual name was Kamha and he could not utter a word of protest. When he was mute or Mooka, he was slain. And the Mother Goddess came to be  known as Mookambika.

The Divine Conscious Force is infinite in Her Powers and Personalities and it is She in Her Four Great Aspects, who manifested as Mookambika !

As Wealth - Lakshmi

As Wisdom - Saraswathi

As Valor  - Parvathi

and as Time Personified - Kali


Sreemath payo nidhi samudbhava Punya Moorthe !
Kolapure kudaja shaila vihara lole !
Souparnika thada samasritha linga samsthe !
Mookambike Para Shive thava Suprabhatam !

O Mighty Mother, who sportest in the Hills of Kudajadri
O Holy One ! O Self Created !
Thou who residest near sacred Souparnika
O Auspiciousness Personified ! Salutations to Thee !


Kudajadri Hills

kerala heritages,kerala tourism,mookambika

During the time of Lord Rama, Hanuman had to go for Mrita Sanjeevani ( elixir or nectar ) to resuscite Lakshmana, who was wounded in battle. He was carrying the mountain Chandra Giri which has 66 divine medicinal herbs. Fragments of that mountain fell near Mookambika and came to be known as Kudajadri Hills. Garuda was attracted by this Center of Cosmic Energy and did meditation there. He used water from the divine stream originating from top of the hill. As Garuda was called Suparna, this river came to be known as Souparnika !


kerala heritages,kerala tourism,mookambika


We stayed at Mookambika Palace. It is well mainatined.

kerala heritages,kerala tourism,mookambika

kerala heritages,kerala tourism,mookambika

You can go to Kollur from Kerala via Mangalore. We went from Trichur to Byndoor and took a cab to Mookambika. Then we went to Udipi to visit the famous Lord Krishna temple there. We found the trip spiritually exhilarating !