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By Govind Kumar 


From Kollur, we travelled to Anigudde Ganesh Temple and then to the famous Udipi Temple, the seat of Dwaitha Vedanta, propounded by Madhava. Dwaitha Vedanta emphasises the grassroot principle , highlighting devotion to God as the supreme virtue. Lord Krishna is enshrined in the Udipi Temple, which is well maintained. 

Udu means Moon and pa means the Lord. Meaning the Lord of the Stars. According to Mythology, since the Moon was so fond of Aldebaran ( Rohini ), the other 26 wives complained to Daksha. Daksha cursed the Moon Deity to reduce his rays. Chagrined, the Moon prayed to Lord Shiva to get his rays back. The compassionate Lord restored the Moon's shine. Enthused, the Moon and his 27 wives ( the 27 constellations ) prayed at the Chandra Mouleeshwara Temple at Udipi, creating a Linga ( lina - to unite with the Cosmic ), which can be seen today. Udipi, therefore, means the Lord of the Stars, Luna !

There was a storm in the sea at Malpe. One ship was shipwrecked and Madhva, the exponent of Dvaita, rescued the sailors. The grateful sailors gave the statues of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama and he installed Lord Balarama near Malpe and Lord Krishna at Udipi.  




Malpe Beach 

Anegudde Vinayaka Temple 

This is a well maintained temple in the taluk of Kundapura in Udipi District. Legend has it that the Sage Agastya came to do penance here to please Lord Parjanya, the Rain Deity. The demon Kumbhasura tried to disrupt the proceedings. Lord Ganesh blessed Bheema to slay the demon, which he did promptly. The word Anagudde is derived from Ane, elephant and Gudde, hillock, as it is the abode of Lord Ganesha !

Anegudde is one of the Seven Liberating Centers or Mukti Sthalas in coastal Karnataka. Here Lord Ganesh is known as Siddhi Vinayak, as he can bestow boons to devotees. Devotees come with all sorts of prayers, which are fulfilled here. 

Anagudde is just 96 kms from Mangalore and 9 kms from Kundapur. 30 kms from Udipi. It is 400 kms from Bangalore. 


Anagudde Vinayaka Temple 

N H 17, Kumbhasi 576222

Karnataka, India

91 8254 761079



Udipi is famous for its cuisine. The Indian classical dish, the Masala Dosha, has its origins in Udipi. Also vadas. Strictly vegetarian, even garlics and onions are avoided in original Udipi cuisine !