Cultural Tourism IX - Heavens on Earth - The Meenakshi Temple at Madurai  By Govind Kumar 

Situated in the Holy City of Madurai, Meenakshi Temple has been considered as one of the Seven Wonders of India. When Indra found a Linga ( lina means to unite with the Cosmic ), he installed it there as the Symbol of the Beauteous Lord, Sundareswar and His Consort, Parvathi ( also known as the Fish Eyed or Meenakshi ). This is one of the best Temple complexes in India and houses 14 massive Gateway Pillars or Gopurams, including two Golden Gopurams ! This Temple is one of the 51 Centers of Tantric Energy or Shakti Peethams. 

During the Chithra Festival, the coronation of the Fish Eyed Heavenly Queen is performed here. She showers Her blessings on Her devotees .


All this is Me, says She

Nothing else exists besides Me !

Sarvam Khalu Idam eva Aham

Nanyadasthi Sanathanam 

The Temple is built in the Dravidian style. It is a double shrine, one dedicated to the Fish Eyed Goddes and other to the Lord of the Yogis, Shiva ! Fantastic architecture can be seen in the inner walls of the Temple !



The King Malayadwaja Pandya and his Queen Kanjanamalai, prayed for a daughter and the Goddess Parvathi sprang out the Homa Fire and told them She will be born as their daughter. The daughter was called Tadaatagai. She was born with three breasts and a  Voice of the Heavens told them not to worry about the abnormality. The third breast, they were told, will vanish when she met her husband ! 

Tadaatagai was trained in all the 64 liberal arts, the Shastras and the Vedas. She conquered Vishnu's abode, Brahma's abode and was about the conquer the Abode of the Destroyer of the Trinitarian Unity, Lord Shiva. When She looked at Shiva, she couldnt speak anything and bowed Her head in shyness, acknowledging Lord Shiva as Her husband and the third breast vanished immediately.  

                                             The Temple Pond of Meenakshi Temple 

                                              View of Madurai City from the top of the Meenakshi Temple.


         The Vaiga River of Madurai