Kerala, a Center for Dental Tourism      By Govind Kumar



Kerala's strength is in Ayurvedic Medicine, coupled with modern medical technology and marketing skills, have seen Medical Tourism growing by leaps and bounds. 100 K medical tourists are expected in a shart span and foreigners are coming to Kerala for medical treatments like cardiac surgery, dental  treatments, wellness treatment, knee and hip replacements and cosmetic surgery. A study by McKinsey and CII predict that India's revenues from Medical Tourims will be $.2.3 billion by 2012. In association with Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, the Global India Tour Company has launched a special medical tourism package under the brand name " Heavenly Healing". 2007 was declared as a Medical Tourism Year in beauteous Kerala. ( Kerala was designated as one of the Ten Top Paradises in the World by National Geographic as she is green and cool and offers cultural tourism, eco tourism, spiritual tourism, houseboat tourism, religious tourism, beach tourism, backwater tourism, medical tourism, ayurvedic tourism, dental tourism, Ayurveda & Naturopathy. )

Cosmetic Surgery - Liposuction costs in Kerala.

Cosmetic Surgery is the rage now, in today's glamorous world. It is to be noted that Kerala, with its excellent medical infrastructure and specialist doctors, leads in the field of cosmetic surgery. Liposuction tops the list for those travelling from US and UK. While Quality is a major factor, another important factor is cost. There is a massive cost difference between liposuction costs in the US or UK ( $3500-8500 ) and India ($1100 - $1800), making Kerala one of the most economical medical centers in the travel and tourism industry.

The  Dental Offers of Medical Tourism

The ambience of Kerala Dental Clinics are enough to put one at ease and relieve the patient of the anxieties associated with dental visits. Then why should  foreigners contemplate flying to India for dental treatment ? The answer is simple. The cost of dental treatment in US is ten times more than in India.

Dentists charge $300-400 for a dental filling in Europe and US. In India the charge is from $20 - $40. Route canal treatment costs  $3000 in US. In India it is $200. Dental fillings cost $1000 in US, whereas in India it is $200.

Dental Tourism is an integral part of Medical Tourism. The rising number of quality dental clinics have made Kerala an ideal spot for Dental Tourism in the travel and tourism industry. Dental Tourism registed a 30% growth in Kerala. In 2008 about 5000 dental patients visited Kerala, thereby giving crores of forex to Kerala.

The tourists stay in Homestays, in Resorts and Star Hotels. Quality dental clinics have sprung up as more and more dental tourists visit ” God’s Own Country “.

Route canal treatment, dental implant crown, mona treatment and lamination are some of the treatments the tourists go in for. Dr Raj Krishnan, ceo of Krishnan’s Dental Clinic, says that Kerala is in for a quantum leap, as far as Medical Tourism is concerned. England, Germany, Austria, US and Switzerland are some of the countries the tourists come from. Dental tourists Peter Morgan and Elizabeth Harrison say that you get quality dental treatmenf for just ten per cent cost in Kerala and that is what had attracted them to this ” Land of Coconuts” ! They are coming for the second time to Kerala, for medical tourism!

Nechupadam Dental Clinic is a full time practising orthodontic clinic in Kerala. This clinic is situated in the green village of Kolenchery, just 18 kms from the Kochi Airport. Single visit endodontics, mutli/single appointment Orthodontics, Preventive Dentistry and Implantology are some of the treatments offered.

Three airports which grace Kerala, Homestays, Resorts and Hotels - all these make the tourists journey easy and effortless. Ayurvedic treatment also can be had, as dental treatments do not require much drugs !

Those who work in this field are now trying to get the Accreditation from NABH.  Jobs and careers in the travel and tourism industry have gone up in India, which gets around $15 billion as tourist receipts every year. Travel and Tourism in India and Kerala are growing at 25%, as India with its 7500 km coastline is a haven for the SSS ( Sun-Surf-Sand ) travellers !

Cruise Tourism is on the rise in Kerala, despite the global recession. Decorative Passenger Ship Touism or Cruise Tourism is on an upward curve in Kerala, as 36 cruise ships are visiting Kochi in 2009 fiscal ! 22000 foreign tourists and 10,000 ship workers will be touring Kochi ! March will see 11 cruise ships. Of which 4 has already reached the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Seven more, inlcuding the big cruise ships - Queen Mary II & Queen Victoria will be visiting Kochi. 12000 foreign tourists will be visiting this month alone. Six thousand sailors also. From Queen Mary II, 2600 foreign visitors and 1300 crew members are expected. This Queen of the Sea will be reaching Kochi on Wednesday and will be in Kochi for one day.