The University of the Twelve Liberal Arts, Kerala Kala Mandalam


This is a University par excellence, situated in Cheruthuruthy, Trichur.  Its green surroundings reflect the serene, calm atmosphere which engendered these divine Arts.

Kerala had about 300 Art Forms and only 50 survived after the onslaught of foreign cultures. Kerala's premier poet, Vallathol N Menon, founded this glorious Dance Academy to preserve the great, intuitively inspired sacred Arts. With other Hindu Titans like Mukunda Raja and Kunjikuttan Thampuran, this Saraswathy Temple was founded.



Situated along the banks of Kerala's major river, Bharatapuzha, Kala Mandalam preserves the Twelve Liberal Arts of Kerala. Keralite Artists have travelled worldwide, representing India in many theater and dance festivals, after being products of this College of Arts.
This College is funded by the Departments of Culture, Kerala and India. UNESCO sanctioned economic assistance thorugh Japan Funds Trust in 2004, for the promotion of Koodiattam. Vallathol, after he met Tagore, envisioned that this College will become a world class University !



This College imparts training in the main performing art forms like Koodiattam, Thullal, Mohiniattam and Nangiar Koothu.




Why  is Trichur considered the Cultural Capital of Kerala ? 


In addition to Kala Mandalam, Trichur hosts


The Lalita Kala Academy

The Sahitya Academy

The Sangeetha Academy




Vadakkunathan Temple, site of Trichur Pooram

& Guruvayur, the fourth largest pilgrim center in the world.





Classical Dances
Semi Classical Dances

Chakyar Koothu
Ottam Thullal
Kalari Payattu
Kavadi Attam


We beseech the Center to give more economic assistance to this Noble School of Arts !






Contact details:

Kerala Kalamandalam,
Vallathol Nagar,
Thrissur, Kerala - 679531
Ph: + 91 488 2462418


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