An Overview to Kerala Tourism


Lifeís a journey and to keep moving there are occasional breaks that you need to take and if you are looking for one of those breaks than Kerala holidays is one place that is your answer. Be it a family vacation or honeymoon tour or just a getaway with friends, this is one place that provides with ample opportunities for every kind of vacation. In fact there is so much to do and see that you will feel short of time and thus to make your vacation a successful it is necessary to carefully plan you tour package which includes all those places and activities that interests you the most. There are many tour operators who can help you in this and also help you to carefully plan everything so as to make your vacation a memorable one.

Start your Kerala Holidays with backwaters is one place that you should not miss. Kerala backwater is actually your interface with the pure and clear beauty of Mother Nature. So beautiful is the view that you will feel that you are soaking in the pure natural form of beauty and all you need is one camera and you canít stop clicking this very picturesque place. And if you still want to experience the naÔve beauty of nature on your holidays in Kerala than Munnar hill station is another place that you can visit, acres of plantations of coffee and tea is what you first see when you enter Munnar and the very beautiful weather of the place combined with the even more beautiful locations of the place makes it one of the most preferred tourist locations. There are certain places near Munnar where in you can explore the nature by carefully having a look at the flora and fauna or going for trekking or just viewing the long lawns of green coffee and tea plantations.

There are ample options available as far as accommodations are considered because Kerala tourism is one of the most organized industries with the proper support from the government but one of the most famous accommodation options that Kerala provides is that of houseboat. Floating on the water, enjoy your vacation in Kerala with all the luxuries that any good luxurious hotel can provide you but the feeling of staying amidst the lap of nature is something that you cannot experience anywhere else. Also donít forget to relish on the famous south Indian cuisine while you are holidaying in Kerala because the true flavors of south Indian food can only be experienced at this place.

After a sumptuous meal, soak in the culture of the place by watching the one of the most popular dance forms of the world; Kathakali which will take you to a ride of some of the mythological stories of India. And if you are lucky to be on time of Onam than donít miss the enthralling experience of snake boat which is a tradition of Kerala since ages, but this takes place only once in a year and thus if you are there on time, it is one exciting experience of watching it live that you should never miss. So to have a rocking time all you need is to pack your bags and head to Kerala for your next vacations.

By: Mansi Gupta


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