The E-Touism Initiative 

The UN has started ETourism Initiative  to help the developing nations.  . Sustainable Tourism Development has been defined as an avenue for structural progress in develping countries. Sustainable Tourism can reduce the poverty of Third World Countries.  The UNCTAD  site says "that creating a competitive and sustainable tourism economy with a significant density of linkages can place the Least Developed Countries on the path of economic converge with more advanced developing states" ! 

May the developing nations be benefited by the E Tourism Initiative!


Kerala Travel Guides

 A gudie to tour packages, also informing one of localities and attraction. Kerala is incredible because of her great greenery, caused bythe North East and the South West Monsoons, which start from May 29 to the 15th of December. Kerala has been defined as Tropical Wet by the German climatologist, Koppen. Not only Kerala, but the entire Malabar belt of 825 kms, receive immense rains when the Sun transits Alpha Orionis, Lamda Orionis, Delta Corvi, Alpha Virginis etc.  The international tourist finds Kerala as a green Paradise. Kerala is a travel tourism hub and Kerala Tourism figures are on the rise. 



 Feature directories, news, tourism, entertainment, district , state and local maps.  You can get a lot of travel and tourism informatio at Kairalee. 


Kerala Homestays

 It gives you information on various homestays in Kerala, with online booking. There is good demand for rooms as there is a shortage of hotel rooms. So Home stays have mushroomed and we have a lot of homestays in Kerala. The international tourist is happy with the home atmosphere of the Home Stays. There are people to help, there are people to guide, there is local cuisine and  they can see the green landscape of Kerala, rustic and lovely ! Home Stay Kerala. 

Vacation Rentals


Car Rentals



You can get a car at any time from this site. There are a lot of variety of cars to choose from. Kerala Cars. 




Indian Railways  Online booking open. IR is big, is the biggest employer in the world. IR carries 30 million passengers a day , on 28000 trains ! Now IR is going for a massive upgradation and will be one of the top ranking corporations in a some years from now on. Last year the profit of IR stood at 25000 cr INR.  


Kerala Tour Operators


A tour plan with a given budget ! This tour operator is efficient and handles a lot of  tourists. Cherish Kerala 


Kerala Travel Agents


This is the Govt wing of Kerala Tourism. A service oriented Corporation, it is now coming into the green. 


Backwater Tour of Kerala




From the dazzling beaches of Kovalam to the top hills of the Nilgiris, Kerala has a lot to offer to the tourist.  You can hear the soothing sound of water rippling alongside your houseboat, as you drift on the Kerala backwaters and you will be bewitched by the tantalising beauty of God's own country, so called because of its immense greenery due to 7 months of continous rainfall !




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