Kumbalangi, the Integrated Fishing and Tourism Village in Kerala




If you want a village, which is a virgin landscape, undeterred by
tourists excessive, here is a Model Village for you. Kumbalangi. Proximate to
the port town of Kochi, she has a vast stretch of backwaters connected by
interlocking Waterways to entire Kerala ! It is a great etourism destination
for tourists worldwide. You can feel the calm and tranquillity of the virgin
landscape, with warm inhabitants, who are in tune with Mother Nature. A day
in Kumbalangi  means a great day in Green Kerala, an event to remember and a
release for mental tension. Far from the madding crowed, she is rich with
exotic cuisines local, masonry and boat building. Fish farms and manually
operated coir looms can also be seen.



If you want the backwaters of Venice and the green fields of Europe all
blended, you have Kerala, the heavenly Paradise ! Sandwiched between Western
Ghats and the Arabian Sea is Kerala, the ravishing damsel who wears a green
silk saree to bewitch tourists ! 600 kms in length, 44 pristine rivers
emanating from the mountains cut her and they flow to the white sandy
beaches !


This Integrated Village Tourism Project is a great initiative to turn this
small island into a model integrated village, integrated for Tourism and
Fishing.  She is 45 kms from Kochi Airport and 15 kms from South Railway

She is made up of three sectors, Kumbalangi, Kallancherry and Anjalithara sectors.
Crab farming along with prawn culture are available. It covers an area of 16^2 sq kms.
Responsive villagers are ready to take tourists to paddy fields as well as the sea. The
guests can walk across the mangroves during sunset.


Kerala Tourism has been successful in transforming this tiny island into a tourist's Paradise.

Chinese fishing nets adorn Kumbalangi. 600 bio gas plants are installed. Backwater eco
system and mangrove eco systems flourish in Kumbalangi. The tourism scheme is planned for
both protection and conservation of eco systems.   Pokkali farming, a system which alternates between six month rice cultivation and six month fish, has been introduced. 50 K mangrove saplings were planted, as fish grow in such environment.




100 K peoplel live in this village. Inside Kumbalangi, an Artist's Village, Kalaagramam has been set up. It will showcase handicrafts and fishing equipment to the visitors. <
Tourists love the local cuisine, which is made a bit less spicy for them.  Prawns and
shrimps are relished by tourists, Tourists go out fishing and read books. Some watch the backwaters. There are Home Stays and the tourists normally sit with the host family.


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