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Medical Tourism in India - Save Money & Get a Free Holiday!

                             By Stephen Todd 

 Medical tourism is the provision of competitively priced private medical
 care in collaboration with the tourism industry.

 Patients can travel to India for surgery and other forms of healthcare   and  pay less than patients who stay in their own country.

 Other highly attractive benefits include: The opportunity for patients to
 avoid long waiting lists and with the savings they make, get a holiday
 included in the package.

 Medical tourists are an expanding group and one of the leaders in the
 field is India.

 The Growth of Medical Tourism in India

 India's healthcare industry is already growing at 30 per cent annually.
 The area has shown such growth potential that Indian finance minister
 Chidambaram, called recently for India to become a "global health
 destination." His enthusiasm for making medical tourism in India a major
 foreign exchange revenue earner has broad based support among local
 government and industry.

 The ministry of tourism has shown interest, but so to have the various
 state tourism boards and the private sector consisting of travel agents,
 tour operators and hotel companies. All are looking at healthcare and
 medical tourism in India as an area with tremendous growth potential.

 A newspaper article recently in "India Abroad," showed the potential for
 medical tourism, when it outlined a deal, where India could earn more than
 $1 billion annually and creates 40 million new jobs by sub-contracting
 work from the British National Health Service. The deal would have broad
 appeal. It would slash waiting times dramatically in the UK and create
 huge savings in time and money for patients.

 The potential for medical tourism in India from the US and UK looks set
 for major growth, as India becomes a preferred destination for medical
 tourists from these countries.

 Medical Tourism Competition

 As more and more patients from nations with high Medicare costs look for
 medical tourism options, India has competition namely from Thailand,
 Singapore and other Asian countries. They have good hospitals, attractive
 climates and are established tourist destinations. While these countries
 with their advanced medical facilities and medical tourism options have
 been drawing overseas healthcare traffic, India is and looks set to,
 expand at a faster rate.

India's World Class Healthcare Facilities

 Indian corporate hospitals are comparable to hospitals anywhere in the
 world. In fact, India offers world-class medical facilities that are
 comparable with the US or UK.

 There is already a high concentration of expatriate Indian medical staff
 working in the US and UK, as well as many other countries. This gives
 patients confidence in the healthcare offered by India generally as they
 are already used to the expertise and professionalism of Indian medical
 staff. This is a major, but often overlooked factor in the growth of
 medical tourism in India.

Medical Tourism Costs

 Medical tourism in India's main appeal is low-cost treatment. Most
 estimates claim treatment costs in India start at around a tenth of the
 price of comparable treatment in the US or UK and cover a wide spectrum of
 areas from, cosmetic surgery and major operations, to preventative

Medical Tourism in India and the Holiday of a Lifetime

 Of course, you can get hugely reduced healthcare in India, but medical
 tourists can also enjoy a holiday in a country that has a huge diversity
 of holiday options, from the beaches of Goa, to the mighty Himalayas,
 diverse wildlife and thousands of years of culture. In conclusion, medical
 tourism in India is here to stay and looks set for spectacular growth.

 More information about medical tourism in India and the cost savings
 possible is available on the web site: