The narrative delineate the pathological psyche of the lead character - Crystal Lewis. Crystal is played by
Leah Beaudry. Anatomy of this twenty one year old girl's explosive desolation is not fiction, it's not
myth, a pulsing bleeding heart and soul are exposed in front of us that breathe.We follow few fragmented
scenes with Crystal, as the titles move along with the suburban transit train and the rail stationaccompanied
in the back ground is unique fusion music and its sad melodious rhythm. Just couple of
minutes after the titles end, establishes the reality that Crystal Lewis is terminally a nut case and
clinically irredeemable in this "incredibly powerful film" made in Alberta. Two parallel plots different
from each other revolve around Crystal. One is the story of illegal aliens in Canada, the other one is the
tormenting issue - that this ready to explode psychological time bomb Crystal Lewis carries within her.
Crystal is a screaming misandrist. Can't stay on any job for long. She Takes advice from some crooked
immigration agents, marries aliens to pay off rent and grocery.After six months of stay together the
aliens get immigration status and she divorces them legally. Crystal's life turns upside down with the
appearance of Doug Bannister the xenophobic, control freak, fascist, callously mindless immigration
investigator. Bannister reopens her files.He is hell bent to put her in jail- all the hell break lose. She gets
into chain of troubles again. She can't work, she is in legal and financial troubles, scared shitless of going
to jail.Crystal approaches George, an old friend, a travel agent who likes her.In her own words she
trusted only her late dad and George. George convinces her to marry a handsome Filipino student who's
already a victim of Bannister. Crystal's Life takes a turn for the worse. Director leads the camera through
the pathetic rat hole dwellings and the miserable lives of three aliens to illustrate, this socio-political
reality of refugees,immigrants and illegal international aliens in the present world today and now. We
see what Doug Bannisters of the fascist world feel. This psychopathic character loves to do live autopsy
on disabled and helpless souls and spiritless minds with no Power to defend. Stench of blood is in the
air. Leah Beaudry with her measured and naturally structured calculated acting, makes Crystal a unique
character. Crystal's pain at times affect us deeply as her inner self is revealed. The soft and at times
melancholy of the background music tag along. Both the plots merge together and the director ties the
loose ends cleverly to make this film surprising and but devastatingly heartbreaking. Leah Beaudry has
done a masterful job on Crystal Lewis, what she did could be done by a young Julia Roberts is not an
exaggeration. All her scenes are "A" lister performance. Her anger, anguish, romance, helplessness and
the desolation could never be materialized on this level with average actors. A versa-tile star from
Alberta at the same level of Ellen Page at the least is born. The bad character Doug Bannister is nothing
less than Harvey Keitel. Dan Bradford now a busy actor in Europe an ex RCMP officer turned actor is
6.3", an imposing figure, is more on the upper level of Harvey Keitel. Bradford is natural, vibrant and has
that cranked up energy level sustained. He chases an illegal Chinese domestic help, drags her along,
handcuffs her. The way he performs that scene alone makes him look so brutal and violent, another
discovery of a star. A new generation bounty hunter on the loose from Alberta. All the other actors have
done admirably, those include the child actor Jessica Hillbchrest and the Filipino actor Russell Erasmas.
This delightfully serious film is based on a good story.


LiIncoln Kuttikkattu