R Panikker's great movie - A Story of Placebo Love  - A Review

Crystal Lewis, played superbly  by Leah Beaudry, is the tragic heroine. Her pathological psyche is displayed, a psyche devastated by the scars she had received in childhood. If we analyse her, we will find a product of a cruel environment, resulting in a pulsating bleeding heart and soul, present before us. We follow her fragmented scenes with melancholy, as titles flicker and move  along the suburban train and railway  station, with some overpowering fusion music with its sad rhythms in the background. 

After the titles move, we come to know about her personal magnetism, with many minus points.  She is highly eccentric and almost beyond repair clinically in this grand movie, made in Alberta. Two parallel plots entwine her, plots which can make her go crazy and bearing no resemblance to each other. One is the story of illegal immigrants in Canada and the other , the psychologically debilitating  issue,  an issue which can explode the emotional time bomb lurking within her being.  She becomes a hater of males , as a result of her past, childhood experiences. And because of the fact that she had become almost a nervous wreck, she is unable to stay in any job for long.  

As she goes through the fiscal purgatory, she marries illegal immigrants to pay off her expenses. After the appearance of the  tough, immigration investigator, Doug Bannister, who reopens her files, her life becomes topsy-turvy. He is adamant at putting her in jail. An old friend, George, advises her to marry a handsome Philippino student, who is one of Bannister's victims ! They stay together, but Love comes, albeit belatedly ! But can they enjoy their love ?

Rest on the Silver Screen !


Govind Kumar Guruvayur