The potential of Spiritual Tourism


Kerala Government is considering promoting Spiritual Tourism, after
tapping the potential of Ecotourism, Houseboat Tourism & Ayurveda.

Pilgrimage Tourism, said Tourism Minister K V Thomas will showcase Kerala's
formidable and diverse Spiritual Heritage.

Kerala, he said, is rich in places of worship of all major religions. This
will be showcased to the world traveler.

The full potential of Pilgrim Tourism has not been yet exploited. Most of
the temples, synagogues, churches and mosques have got green ambience and is
situated at geographically important places.

Archeometry is the science of identifying important geographical places,
based on ley lines of telluric force. The famous Sabarimala and Guruvayur
temples, as well as the Kochi synagogue are built at important geographical

Two tourism companies, Godsland Tourism and Prakriti Tourism have already
joined the bandwagon in this field. It is only a matter of time till
Spiritual Tourism takes off in Nature blessed Kerala.

Gems and Jewellery are also important Kerala and Indian exports. Gems are
great when it comes to lustre. They have also astrological significance.

What has Gemology got to do with Spirituality ? Everything. Gemology states
that the Nine gems are interrelated to the Nine Planets. If you wear the
fortunate gem of the fortunate planet, then that gem will confer fortune.

Moon represents Pearl. Moon is an important luminary as he represents Mother
and Mind. Mental strength is dependent on him. He is exalted in Taurus and
is debilitated in Scorpio.

He represents Prosperity. He represents Medicine. Those belonging to the
Medical Profession will get a boost if they wear Pearl. Also those who want
to increase their mental strength should wear pearl on a Waxing Moon Monday,
the day of Luna or Moon.

Pearl is the primary gemstone of the Moon and Moonstone is its secondary
gemstone. Believed to bring mental peace, economic prosperity,higher
education and enhanced family status, its use during the period of the Moon
brings favours. The Pearl is also used to heal eye related illnesses, any
mental disorders and to assist good lactation. The ideal time to commence
wearing a pearl is within an hour of sunrise on Monday. It is to be worn on
the ring finger. The mantra of the Moon, Om Saum Somaya Namah can be chanted
for maximum effectiveness.


Functional Benefic in your chart - The Moon
Cosmic Colour to be enhanced - Orange
Recommended GemStone - Pearl
Alternate Gemstone - Moonstone
Solar/Lunar Metal to be used - Silver
Herbal Ashes to be used - Butia frandosa
Cosmic Number to be used - Two
Most Auspicious Day - Monday
Most Auspicious Month - February
Hand to be worn on - Left
Affected Element - Water
Affected sense - Taste
Affected Bodily Organ - Tongue
Affected Anatomical System - Blood
Affected Chakra - 6th Swadhistana
Day of Invocation - Monday
Time for Invocation - Evening

It numerological number is Two.

Amma is an ordinary woman who rose to the Zenith of Spirituality and rightly
regarded now as a World Teacher.

And what made her climb the Evolutionary ladder ? Bridal Mysticism or
Bhakthi Yoga.

From her childhood onwards, she was a bridal mystic. She used to spend hours
meditating on the Lord and praying to Him. She used to go into ecstatic
trances, like the great Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Her simple bhakthi drew the Lord to her. She is now a veritable symbol of
Universal Love and the world knows her as a hugging saint.

Her simplicity is her greatness. Without having much academic qualifications
to her credit, she quotes the Geetha and the Upanishads, like the great
Satya Sai Baba.

We find that some prophets were not highly educated. Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa, Prophet Mohammad, Jacob Boehme etc. Their greatness is their
simplicity and humility.

On the other hand we find that the highly educated always had ego. Aurobindo
confessed that he has a sense of intellectual superiority initially. So did
the great Melpathur. Vivekananda exhorted to bring Light to the uneducated,
and also to the educated, as tremendous are the vanities of education !

Her advice to the suffering humanity is simple. " Feel your prayers, feel
your mantra and you will feel God " !

Spiritual Kerala is going commercial. There are 5000 shops in the New Grand
Festival of Kerala, which began today thoroughout Kerala.

Commercial Tourism will improve Kerala. So thinks the think tank of Kerala

From Dec 1 to Jan 15, you will see Kerala rise high on the shopping horizon.
This will become the Zenith of shopping revelry.

Relgious harmony is the hallmark of Kerala. Here we find people belonging to
all civilizations, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Christian, live in peace.

Imagine there are no 189 nations
Is it hard to do so ?
No Ideology to fight for
And no Dogmatic Religion too
Imagine all people together
Living in peace, a world community !

Ethnic products at throwaway prices and you can find the widest range of
products , from Ayurvedic indigenous medicine products to herbal massage
parlours, equipped with expert massagers.

Technology is also state of the art with Kerala joining the Net Revolution.
Infopark and Technopark have recorded 42% growth and there are IT hubs

Most of the tourists ( almost 50% ) come to Kerala to get a glimpse of the
spiritual giant, Amma, often recognised as a God Realised soul. Other
tourists come for Ayurvedic Tourism, because Kerala provides world class
Ayurvedic therapy, with her Ayurvedic hospitals and doctors. Dr Deepak
Chopra's prediction " In the coming years, Ayurveda will blossom " has come

For the shopaholic, there are diverse products like great jewellery, class
furniture, leather products, bronze, great handicrafts, artworks, antiques
etc. To the shopper, this will be the ultimate shopping experience, the last
bubbling cry.

There is no harm in indulging in sensory pleasures. The great Omar Khayam
celebrated Life with the two great intoxicants, verse and the wine. Casanova
indulged in the pleasures of the bed.

Sexuality is permitted in Tantra.

The Tantric rite is worshipping the Almighty with wine, meat, fish, mudra
and copulation (Madyam mamsam cha meenam cha mudra maidhunam eva cha) This is known as Pancha Makara Pooja or worship with the Five Ms. These are of course symbolic but then Sacred Sexuality is permitted in Tantra.