The Lovely Shankhumugham Beach




I went to Trivandrum to install a software. When I got some extra time, I
went to the Shankhumukham beach.

The Shankhumugham Beach is the favourite beach of those coming to watch sunsets. This
beauteous beach is proximate to the Trivandrum International Airport and the
famous Veli Tourism Village.

Very near to my client's place is the Ashram of Amma. I met her yesterday. She was

giving a spiritual lecture at her ashram. It was a good spiritual experience.

An indoor recreation club, the statue of a mermaid, the Matsya Kanyaka, are
some of the features of this park. The giant statue of the mermaid is a 35 m
long sculpture. A National Park nearby is an added attraction.

The beach sands are of reddish yellow hue.

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The Mermaid, the Matsya Kanyaka

The nearest Railway Station, Trivandrum Central, is just 7 km away. The
Trivandrum Airport is just a drive away.

This beach is well maintained and one can glimpse the beauty of Nature..

This beach is part of Kerala's 600 km coastline. Tamil Nadu has 1000 km
coastline and Gujarat 1600 kms. India has 7500 km coastline. Peninsular
India has 5500 kms of coastline, while India's islands, Nicobar, Andamans
and Laccadives have 2000 kms of coastline !

The Veli Estuary 

On the Shankhumugham Beach, you can see the Devi Temple. It is well maintained. Just one km away is the Veli Estuary, where the Veli River meets the roaring Arabian Sea ! The Veli Tourist Village is a beautiful picnic spot. The VIllage is open from 0800 - 1800 hrs. This picnic spot offers boating facilities. Paddle boats and pedal boats can be hired to explore the charms of the lagoon. Speedboats are available for a fast ride on the waters. Children relish the sculpture which tenant the landscape. 

Here are the rentals for boats 

Speedboat - Rs 150 per head 

Safari boat - 15 per head 

4 seater pedal boat - 100 per hour 

2 seater pedal boat - 80 per hour 

Veli Youth Hostel - Ph 2500785 

Trivandrum Airport is just 3 kms away from Veli and Trivandrum Railway Station just 8 kms away. 


Holels to stay during your trip to Trivandrum, the official capital of Kerala.

kerala heritages,kerala travel,kerala tourism,sankhamugham beach

Evening  at Shankhumugham Beach 

Poovar Island Resorts
K.P. VII/911
Thiruvananthapuram - 695513

+ 91 471 2212068 / 69 / 73, + 91 471 2212092
Tariff Rs.3000 - 19999

Special Song for Valentine's Day !

Wife is the Full Moon
Who exudes Love !
She converts the thorns of sorrow
Into lovely flowers !

She is the lamp
Which burns forever !
She is the giver
In succeeding lives !

She is more patient
Than Mother Earth 
With smiles ineffable
She heals our woes !
She has a golden halo
She makes a rainbow out of tears
She is a master worker
In efforts, a minister,
In service, a humble Dasi
And a Lakshmi in beauty !

This is reminiscent of Wordsworth's lines

She was a phantom of delight
When she first gleamed on my sight !
Her eyes as stars of twilight fair
And twilight too her dusky hair !