Trichur Pooram, the Grand Festival of Kerala  







In Kerala festival dates are determined by the Malayalam Astro Calender. Delta Leonis or Pooram day of Mesha or Aries is the day of Thrissur Pooram, one of the greatest festivals in India. 10 temples participate and it is a glorious sight in Trichur.

A heady mixture of pomp and pageantry, Trichur Pooram is arguably the most popular festival in India. More than 50 elephants and lakhs of people gather around the central Thekkinkattu Maidan. A spectacular pageant of 30 caparisoned elephants and Kudamattom, a swift changing of the colored parasols mark the event. Great fireworks light up the sky to  provide a grand finale to 36 hours of classic entertainment.

Here we are giving some photos and videos of the event and it is for you to judge about this grand event ! 


This glorious Festival
Which occurs when the Moon
Transits Pooram in Mesha
Is a big crowd puller !
Minimum 1000 K people we expect
When the Moon embraces Pubba !

97 elephants have been earmarked
With ten major participating temples
One of the most beautiful
Sights in the world ever !
Is this Kuda Mattom, exchange of umbrellas
Which occurs on Pooram Day !

Welcome friends, come and watch
This festival of festivals on 05th May !


Kanna Aromalunni Kanna
Aniyoo Thirumaril Aniryoo
Njan Kortha Kanakambara Mala

O Kanna O Beloved Kanna
Wear the garland on Thy breast
Which I made for Thee ! 
I am the Gopi who came searching for Thee !

Ente raasa sakhi mukhi Radha
Enne vikara vimochithanakkiya
Vrindavanathile Radha.