The Beauteous Vilangan Hills                                              


Here are some photos of Mount Vilangan, which gives a lot of rains to places like Parappur, Annakara et al. 

Vilangan Hills are just 4 kms away from Trichur Bus Stand and lies on the Trichur- Kunnamkulam Route. Now this Ravishing Beauty is trying to become more beautiful. The KTDC gave two crores and five crores from the MLA Fund will make her more glamorous. Totally Seven crores have been earmarked for her  development. Her forest is called Asoka Vanam. 

This  Dream Beauty is  80 meters above Sea Level, a picnic spot for all and referred to as the Oxygen Jar of Trichur ! Trichur City entire can be seen from the top.



Heavy rush is seen on holidays. Nature created a perfect Paradise amidst urban Trichur ! Those who want to move away from the Madding Crowd will find her a Heaven on Earth.


Actually this lovely natural formation was not promoted properly. Even Trichurites do not know that such a Green Heaven exists in Trichur. The Park was neglected. There was a Beer Bar down and there is a Coffee Shop on top. Visiting Hours are from 0900 AM to 0630 PM and now there is a plan to extend it to 8 PM. You can drive to the top or walk to the top. You have to take a Rs 10 ticket to go up. On Sat and Sundays, heavy rush is seen. The Children's Park, despite it giving visual treats to many, lies deserted ! Maybe because Marketing has not been proper. Boating has also been stopped. Pathetic is the word, as a lovely Natural formation lies in obscurity. Lack of water is another problem. Workers say that they are bringing water from bottles to garden ! Anyway, once Kala Varsha becomes strong, in June, this mountain will revert to its pristine state. 


She becomes more beautiful during evening. Rush also is more. This is the last Tourism destination spot in Trichur Tourism. 


The architect Ajeesh has created a materpiece of Art, that of a farmer famly. That there is an Auditorium, rivalling the Nishagandhi Auditorium in Trivandrum is unknown to many people.Water scarcity is acute. Also the lack of waste disposal. It is imperative that a Waste Disposal Plant be built. Rain Water Harvesting also should be done. 




When we wrote about the rainy Njattuvelas last year, I was confronted with the question " Why doesnt it rain in Rajasthan?

Unlike Himalayas and the Western Ghats, the mountains in Rajastan do not have an East West Axis.

The solution is simple. Build an artificial mountain in Rajastan with an East West Axis. Now they have a North South Axis ! They dont block the clouds for orographic precipitation ! We find that HImalayas and W Ghats block the clouds formed by the cool winds from the Indian Ocean.

Now, in UAE, there are artificial rains, as they have cloud seeded ( with SIlver Iodide ) successfully. Now they are contemplating building an artificial mountain to bring in more rains !