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    Yoga Therapy has been hailed the world over. Yuj means to unite and Yoga is Union with the Absolute Being.



    Yoga is the Science of Man !
    Know then thyself, presume not God to scan
    The proper study of Mankind is Man !
    Placed in the isthmus of a middle state
    A being rudely great
    With too much knowledge for the skeptic's side
    And too many weaknesses for the Stoic's pride
    He hangs between !
    Yoga is a systematic study of man in his threefold aspect, as Mind, Body and Self. It is the Arts Artium or the Art of all arts and the Scientia Scientiarum, the science of all sciences. It is based on hoary Indian wisdom and culture and is the art of living a healthy, contented, balanced and peaceful life.
    The Eightfold Path of Yoga is
    Yama                                      Conditional personal and social behaviour, according to Yogic Law
    Niyama                                   Attitutue under Yoga norms
    Asana                                     Physical Body discipline
    Pranayama                             Breath Control
    Pratyahara                              Senses control
    Dharana                                  Concentration
    Dhyana                                    Meditation
    Samadhi                                 Transcendental Consciousness

    The first five are called Hatha Yoga, as it is culturing the physique. The last three are called Raja or Regal Yoga, as it deals with the culturing of the psyche. The first Five represent the Psychosomatic Approach and are referred to External or Bahirangi Yoga. The latter three affects the psyche and are known as Internal or Antaranga Yoga. It is to be noted that the Internal Yoga cannot be done without doing the External Yoga, as purification of body is a prerequisite for Self Actualisation. " Sareeram Adhyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam", the body is the vehicle for Redemption !
    Yoga and TM trigger the Relaxation Response and relaxes you completely. Gone are the strains and the stresses of relativistic life. The physical exercises called Asanas combats stress and keeps the body flexible.
    The three physical states of Doing, Thinking and Being are highlighted in Yoga. All that we see is nothing but Universal Matter or Energy, the Adhibouthika aspect of Relative Being. All minds together is the Universal Mind and this is the Adhi Daivata aspect of the Supreme. These are all the manifestations of the Unmanifest and this is Brahman, the Absolute, transcending all relativities
    The destructible aspect is called Adhibootha
    He who tenants the body, the Purusha, is Adhi Daivata
    Being Absolute is Brahman called
    These three are the triune states of Being.  

    ( The Song Celestial, the Geetha )

    We can transcend all relativities and reach the Absolute Self, via this great Science of Cosmic Union. This is the union mystica, envisaged by the mystic traditions of all other countries.


    Poets have dealt with the negative and the positive aspects of Women.

    Viswashicheedam Vrikathine enkilum
    Padilla Sodara Sthreeyam Mrigathine !

    You can trust jackals
    But never a woman !

    But this poet has other views and extols the positive aspect.

    The original verse is like this

    Karyeshu Mantree
    Karmeshu Dasee
    Roopeshu Lakshmi
    Kshamaya Dharithri

    Sneheshu Mata
    Sayaneshu Veshya
    Sat karma Naree
    Kula Dharma Patni

    She is a minister, in all works,
    A humble servant, in all deeds
    In form, resembling Lakshmi
    And patient as Mother Earth !

    In love, a Mother
    In bed, a whore
    Such is the great
    Woman called Wife !

    No wonder the Indian poets said " O Woman, thou art divine, Naree thoo Narayanee ".